Flash Cards! Tissue Tidings

flash cards tissue tidings pin image

Flash Cards! Tissue Tidings I’m exhausted, Lucky Readers, and my week isn’t over until Saturday, so powering through to the weekend is going to take some extra self therapy…to include a dirty chai, an oversized sweater, and paper-folding, a very therapeutic activity. …I’m sorry, just gonna stop myself right here. that was a terrible segue, […]

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Infinity Studio Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

Ocean Infinity Studio Scarf and Purple Lipstick

Infinity Studio Scarf Even if I were rich, Lucky Readers, I still wouldn’t buy the things that I knew I could make for myself. When I saw this infinity scarf on a trendy but oh-so-spendy yoga website, I knew I had to have it one way or another…which meant I was going to have to […]

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Celestial Stemless Wine Glass Charms

celestial stemless wine glass charms pin image

Celestial Stemless Wine Glass Charms I don’t wear neon purple lipstick, lucky readers, and that is a decision I regret only when I’m at a party and can’t remember which wineglass is mine. Stemless is in, guys. And that means that all of those standard cutie wine charms won’t do you much good in picking […]

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Flash Cards! Silver Foil Valentines

silver foil valentines pin image

Flash Cards! Silver Foil Valentines Take back Valentine’s Day, lucky Reader, and trade the $$ Hallmark propaganda, the pink, the sugar high, and the contrived coupleness for your own sweet Valentines. Be honest- when, since elementary school, have you sent Valentines to your friends? Remember how great it used to feel to get those? I’m […]

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Peek Pockets- Crocheted Pocket Liner Pattern

Peek pockets pin image

Peek Pockets! Crocheted Pocket Liner Pattern We have 6 more weeks of Winter, lucky reader, and if there’s one thing these past chilly months have taught me, it’s that fashion coats are not designed to keep hands warm. Despite how they look- peacoats have these silky, finger-numbing pockets…whose idea was that? and fleece coats have, […]

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Fluffernutter Rice Cakes

fluffernutter rice cakes pin image

Fluffernutter Rice Cakes Happy accidents, lucky reader, get the credit for today’s post. You won’t see a lot of recipes here because if I’m being perfectly honest, I would much rather follow a recipe than make one. I’m a cook, not a chef, as it were. usually…

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Flash Cards! Magazine Mosaics

flash cards magazine mosaics

Flash Cards! Magazine Mosaics You know as well as I, lucky reader, that getting mail is pretty much the best. And that’s why I have A LOT of magazine subscriptions, because guaranteed mail is just an all around good thing. …except for one minor downside…guaranteed mail has a way of turning into guaranteed clutter…and guaranteed […]

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Delectable Decorations (A Lesson in Fruit Design)

Delectable decorations pin image

  Delectable Decorations – A Lesson in Fruit Design Fridays, lucky reader, are for get-togethers, and there is nothing your gotten-together guests want to see more than a magnificent centerpiece of meticulously cut and stabbed fruit upon kale. That’s right. And you’re in luck! I’m here to show you how to do just that. Today […]

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Flash Cards! Reverse Watercolor

Blue watercolor card, teal envelope

Dear lucky reader, -Quick Unrelated Matter of Business- In case you need reminders to be lucky…you can follow my blog on Bloglovin! – End of Quick Unrelated Matter of Business – I’m a big fan of finding other uses for my craft supplies.  It helps me keep my crafting costs low.  It keeps me from […]

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Shining Disco Ball Coasters

shining disco ball coasters pin image

Good news, lucky reader! You never have to fear for your furniture again- you won’t have to ask your guests to use one of your ball-er handmade coasters. There are 2 problems I have with many of the DIY coasters I’ve seen around the interwebs. Problem 1- They aren’t waterproof sealed.  I can’t stand DIY projects […]

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Flash Cards! Inner Picasso

flash cards inner Picasso pin image

I know you’re wondering, lucky Reader, What are Flash Cards? No, they are not a pile of ineffective index cards you made for your biochemistry test. Not here at least, I can’t speak for your desk. The point of my “Flash Card” posts is to promote snail mail. You send mail? You get mail. Happy […]

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Miniature Heart Garland

miniature heart garland pin image

Miniature Heart Garland Hiya!  It’s nice to meet you, lucky reader!   You’re just in time 🙂 Today’s project is easy peasy, so I’m going to play the “First Post” card and take this opportunity to show you around how my diy posts are going to go. First things first: if you haven’t read yet what […]

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