Gold Tinge Painted Bottles

Gold Tinge Painted Bottles pin image

Gold Tinge Painted Bottles 😱 ☺️   xo🍀, lindsey mae Gold Tinge Painted Bottles Where do I find pretty bottles? Support Local! Search your town for: juice shops – many specialty juicers sell their fresh juices in glass bottles olive oil stores – olive oils and balsamic vinegars, for whatever reason, tend to get unique […]

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Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami And we’re back, lucky readers, from a long and lovely London vacay, and in honor of new beginnings I’m starting a new series of fashion upgrades…Entirely unrelated to the fact that as a child of the west coast, I dress in miserably casual comparison to London-ites. Entirely unrelated. Fashion Upgrades […]

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Web Crochet Bandeau Straps

Web Crochet Bandeau Straps my latest fashion obsession, lucky readers, has been those adorable bralettes with the intricate lace backs. Show me a dress that doesn’t benefit from a great bralette and…I’ll actually probably agree with you, as I’m confident there are some heinous exceptions to my rule. But by and large, they are THE […]

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Cascading Crystal Earrings

cascading crystal earrings pin image

Cascading Crystal Earrings it was another late night of parks and rec, lucky readers, so today’s post comes to you with a groggy mind and blue-ish eyes. But I guarantee you my coworkers won’t notice because they’ll be too distracted by my awesomely lovely cascading crystal earrings. And while that may be the overstatement of […]

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Pineapple Mango Strawberry Sangria

Pineapple Mango Strawberry Sangria Pin Image

sometimes I buy a bottle of rose, lucky readers, and sometimes I don’t love it. say what?? no. I’m serious. and you’ve been there, too. Sometimes bottles of wine don’t work out. That is the magic of wine- not knowing what you’re gonna get (there’s a chocolate box reference in there somewhere, but I’m resisting). […]

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Flash cards! Strung Sequins

flash cards! strung sequin birthday card

Flash Cards! Strung Sequins I have so many projects in the works, lucky readers, and none of them are blog ready. So I’m gonna stall with this cutie little quickie post and then make myself an exceptionally cheesy polenta pizza. priorities guys. good things are coming later this week! xo☘, lindsey Flash Cards! Strung Sequins […]

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Gnarwall Crochet Chalk Bag

gnarwall crochet chalk bag pin image

Gnarwall Crochet Chalk Bag I’m learning to lead climb, lucky readers, and as stoked as I am about that, I’m also a little bit terrified. So I made myself a little good luck charm, in the form of a narwhal-shaped chalk bag. I call him Gnarwall. He’s pretty much the best. So whether you are […]

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Stacked Sequin Earrings

stacked sequins earrings pin image

Stacked Sequin Earrings if you’ve tried any of my flash cards, lucky readers, then you’ll know what I mean when I say this is the jewelry equivalent. Sequins are oodles cheaper than beads, and when they’re stacked like this, require only minimal wire work, so these earrings come together super fast. I’m a tone-on-tone kind […]

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Twirly Pipe Cleaner Photo Prop

Twirly pipe cleaner photo prop pin image

Twirly Pipe Cleaner Photo Prop I love photo backdrops, lucky readers, as in the beautiful, DIY, anthropologie-status photo backdrops that bespeckle the best of the Buzz feed lists and Pinterest boards that I never have an occasion to create for. until now. it is probably fairly obvious to you by now that I am not […]

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No Sew Fleece Socks

No-Sew fleece Pin Image

No Sew Fleece Socks It is going to be 65˚ and sunny ☀️ here today, Lucky Readers, which is why I’m wearing my lucky green in the form of a sundress. but I know a lot of you are still doubting that the equinox is really only a few days away, so consider today’s post […]

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Cinch-able Boot Toppers – Free Crochet Pattern

cinch able boot toppers pin image

Cinch-able Boot Toppers let us discuss the finer points of boot toppers, lucky readers, Point A – they should be versatile- In other words, the ones that work for your wellies but are way too loose for your ankle boots (or way too tight if you wear your thicker jeans), make me angry. Point B […]

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Flash Cards! Cork Stationary

flash cards cork stationary pin image

Cork Stationary And we’re back (finally), lucky readers, And can I just say that it is totally uncool how a week of illness wrecking balls your life and leaves you feeling too terrible to drink coffee or wine to make it better? Speaking of the wine that is now back in my life- I have […]

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