Yoshi Chalk Bag

Yoshi Chalk Bag | Make it Lucky

When I was a kid, lucky readers, I made up lyrics to go with the Rainbow Road theme song on Mario Kart. I may…or may not…will neither confirm nor deny whether or not I still remember them. ok fine I do! but I’ll never tell πŸ™Š Anyways, I bring this up to illustrate that I have a strong inner nerd that is easily charmed by other geeks of my kind, so when a fellow climber asked if I could create a Yoshi chalk bag (after being enchanted by my GnarWall chalk bag, of course), I couldn’t say no. I wanted […]

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Glittery Asymmetrical Chunky Crochet Ear Warmer

Chunky Crochet Ear Warmers

I need new climbing shoes, lucky readers, like really bright teal ones that So Ill makes so pretty much the last thing I need to spend money on right now is the heating bill. So I’m swaddling myself in extra layers, including this headband, which is one piece of acceptable “I don’t turn my heating on” clothing you can leave the apartment with without people thinking you’ve given up (sorry Hanes men’s XL sweatpants, I still love you). which I haven’t. I’ve made quite a few hats this winter…but I always end up with a little leftover chunky yarn that […]

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Make it Autumn Crochet Cowl

Make it Autumn Cowl in all colors

The cowl is a funny animal, lucky readers, it’s like the clothing equivalent of a borgi …where you’re like…pretty certain it’s a weird combination of pooch, but it’s just soooooooo cute and it sleeps next to you snoring lightly all night and is so heckin playful and did I mention adorable …we definitely aren’t talking about cowls anymore. but you get where I’m going with this. Not scarf, not …idk what the opposite of a scarf is…dickey? lol…but somewhere gorgeously in between. And that’s where you’ll catch me among these California Fall days, with a cowl that is warm enough […]

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Arrow Crochet Bandeau Straps

Arrow Crochet Bandeau Straps and Summery Skirt

Oh hey there, lucky readers, I’m excited about this one – because of everything that I’ve done in these first couple of months of blogging, my web crochet bandeau straps have gotten the most positive feedback (Online and in person, too!). So I figured I would keep the good juju rolling for all of us with another summery idea. This pattern is one of those that is just straight up fun to assemble. Do your finger stretches because you’re going to be doing some TALL stitches. Haven’t done these before? No sweat – check out the amazing Moogly blog for […]

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Boho Bling Slouchie

modeling a mid-summer night's slouchy

those projects that take about a million times longer than you thought, lucky readers? For me, this pattern was just that – hopefully meaning that, as a result, it should be easy breezy, smooth flamingo floaty sailin for you. But it was worth it – boho bling is like my style mantra, think the perfect accessory for maxi skirts and beauty cardigans for cool summer nights. I know this pattern defies the rules – using a G hook with lace weight mohair yarn, switching from granny square to working in the round – but it’s a fun single skein project […]

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