Welcome to my FAQS page!

I know what you’re maybe thinking, and no…no one has actually asked these questions…my blog is pretty new. But these faqs are what I imagine you’d ask, so that’s what I’ve got to go on:

Q: Why the super generic name “make it lucky”?
A: The same reason the only tattoo I would ever get would be…a flower. Generic is understandable, relatable, SEO friendly.

Q: What is the point of this blog?
A: So many of my friends say “I’m not crafty.” I really believe everyone should be crafty- and that it’s easier to be than anyone thinks, so I post my tried-and-true budget and lifestyle-conscious project ideas. woot.

Q: Why should I read this blog?
A: If you’re like me, you’re a millennial, you’re in the most competitive job market ever- and finding direction in your life, just a few years beyond college is hard. If you read this blog, and take up some projects, it will help you learn to be crafty, something that people stopped bothering to teach you when you were 5, which is too bad, because being a creative, resourceful person is always a good leg up. I call that making your own luck (ooooh is it starting to make sense, now?)

Q: You know that feeling you get when you have a creative project that you’re super excited about? I love that feeling.
A: I love that feeling, too! We’re going to get along so well! I have so many projects to share! Now go on, lucky reader, make stuff, stay classy, and don’t be a stranger!


Lindsey Mae