Make it Lucky

Why the super generic name “make it lucky”?

The same reason the only tattoo I would ever get would be…a flower. Generic is understandable, vastly interpretable, relatable, SEO friendly.

What is the point of this blog?

So many of my friends say “I’m not crafty.” I really believe everyone should be crafty- and that it’s easier to be than anyone thinks, so I post my tried-and-true budget and lifestyle-conscious project ideas. woot.
If you’re like me, you’re a millennial, you’re in the most competitive job market ever- and finding direction in your life, just a few years beyond college is hard. If you read this blog, and take up some projects, it will help you learn to be crafty, something that people stopped bothering to teach you when you were 5, which is too bad, because being a creative, resourceful person is always a good leg up. I call that making your own luck (ooooh is it starting to make sense, now?)

Can we collaborate somehow?

Reach out! Here are some things I’m interested in

From you:

  • Guest posts on happiness and living well
  • Guest posts on DIY/crochet/knit/etc
  • Blog Hops
  • Testing my patterns

For me:

  • Guest posting on your blog
  • Pattern Testing
  • Joining your crafty social media groups

Do you have an angel policy?

Yes, thank you for asking! You can read about it here.

Do you have an Etsy shop?

Not currently, but stay tuned. I do have a shop on Ravelry for some nicely formatted versions of my patterns.

Who are your affiliates?

I am an Amazon Associate. I always advocate for shopping local, but in other cases, I realize it is easier/far more economical to buy online, so I will provide links where I think it may be helpful for readers to have them. It is not my goal to spam you – making money off of this blog is rather low priority.


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Front View: Arrow Crochet Bandeau Straps