Enamel Dot Cards

Enamel Dot Cards "Missing Dot Sample"

It has been a bit of a hard couple days, lucky readers, because the reason I have free time to blog right now is that my job at the winery is on hold with all of these horrifying NorCal fires. It’s a scary time for businesses and residents all over Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, and […]

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Sticky Notes

sticky note samples

I don’t have a planner, lucky readers, which dang better be a shock to you all based on your perception of my otherwise beautifully crafty and excitingly plan-able life (psych), but this is just one craft movement I haven’t had the proper time to jump on. Which is too bad because I LOVE all of […]

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Flash Cards! Word Searches

Word Searches Birthday Card

Flash Cards! Word Searches less is more, lucky readers, especially during a time of the year like this when between birthdays, graduations, and father’s day (and all of the thank you notes needed for these events) you need your card stash to multiply like rabbits. I’m just that crafty friend of yours, here to help […]

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Flash Cards! Henna Hollas

flash cards! henna hollas  I’m on holiday, lucky readers, as the good people of this country would call it. So you won’t be hearing from me much for the next couple of weeks.  But I do have a quick post… Just in case you need some Mum day card ideas 😉  Hope you enjoy. Tally […]

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Flash Cards! Chalky Wishes

flash cards chalky wishes pin image

Flash Cards Chalky Wishes We are rocketing 🚀, lucky readers, into the frenzy of birthdays and parent holidays and weddings and popsicle celebrations that is summer. Ok so I’ve never had a popsicle celebration, but this year it is going to happen…and the real point is that we are already at the end of April! […]

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Flash cards! Strung Sequins

flash cards! strung sequin birthday card

Flash Cards! Strung Sequins I have so many projects in the works, lucky readers, and none of them are blog ready. So I’m gonna stall with this cutie little quickie post and then make myself an exceptionally cheesy polenta pizza. priorities guys. good things are coming later this week! xo☘, lindsey Flash Cards! Strung Sequins […]

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Flash Cards! Cork Stationary

flash cards cork stationary pin image

Cork Stationary And we’re back (finally), lucky readers, And can I just say that it is totally uncool how a week of illness wrecking balls your life and leaves you feeling too terrible to drink coffee or wine to make it better? Speaking of the wine that is now back in my life- I have […]

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Flash Cards! Tissue Tidings

flash cards tissue tidings pin image

Flash Cards! Tissue Tidings I’m exhausted, Lucky Readers, and my week isn’t over until Saturday, so powering through to the weekend is going to take some extra self therapy…to include a dirty chai, an oversized sweater, and paper-folding, a very therapeutic activity. …I’m sorry, just gonna stop myself right here. that was a terrible segue, […]

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Flash Cards! Silver Foil Valentines

silver foil valentines pin image

Flash Cards! Silver Foil Valentines Take back Valentine’s Day, lucky Reader, and trade the $$ Hallmark propaganda, the pink, the sugar high, and the contrived coupleness for your own sweet Valentines. Be honest- when, since elementary school, have you sent Valentines to your friends? Remember how great it used to feel to get those? I’m […]

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Flash Cards! Magazine Mosaics

flash cards magazine mosaics

Flash Cards! Magazine Mosaics You know as well as I, lucky reader, that getting mail is pretty much the best. And that’s why I have A LOT of magazine subscriptions, because guaranteed mail is just an all around good thing. …except for one minor downside…guaranteed mail has a way of turning into guaranteed clutter…and guaranteed […]

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Flash Cards! Reverse Watercolor

Blue watercolor card, teal envelope

Dear lucky reader, -Quick Unrelated Matter of Business- In case you need reminders to be lucky…you can follow my blog on Bloglovin! – End of Quick Unrelated Matter of Business – I’m a big fan of finding other uses for my craft supplies.  It helps me keep my crafting costs low.  It keeps me from […]

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Flash Cards! Inner Picasso

flash cards inner Picasso pin image

I know you’re wondering, lucky Reader, What are Flash Cards? No, they are not a pile of ineffective index cards you made for your biochemistry test. Not here at least, I can’t speak for your desk. The point of my “Flash Card” posts is to promote snail mail. You send mail? You get mail. Happy […]

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