Arrow Crochet Bandeau Straps

Arrow Crochet Bandeau Straps and Summery Skirt

Oh hey there, lucky readers, I’m excited about this one – because of everything that I’ve done in these first couple of months of blogging, my web crochet bandeau straps have gotten the most positive feedback (Online and in person, too!). So I figured I would keep the good juju rolling for all of us with another summery idea. This pattern is one of those that is just straight up fun to assemble. Do your finger stretches because you’re going to be doing some TALL stitches. Haven’t done these before? No sweat – check out the amazing Moogly blog for […]

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Make it Cute Again: Fashion Upgrades Crochet Inlay

Distance view of crochet inlay

Fashion Upgrades Crochet Inlay – sha-la-la-la-la-la my oh my, lucky readers, it is already the Fourth of July. Jeepers! Insert stereotypical blogger comment about how scary it is that time has passed so fast and blah di blah. Wanna know what isn’t scary? How darling your sense of fashion has become since you’ve started following my blog. I know I know you can thank me in the comments, or by following me on instagram. I promise I’m not actually conceited, ya’ll, I’m just really excited to share this project with you. I tinker with my clothes, which sometimes leads to […]

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Granny Square Crochet Bows

granny square crochet bows

Granny Square Crochet Bows I don’t really consider myself very girly, lucky readers, but then there are the days where I try on all my dresses and jewelry and go crazy on the make up before I go ruin it all climbing for 3 hours. I dedicate this post to those days. I know there are a million kinds of crochet bows ideas out there, but I’ve been on a granny square kick, and I like the simplicity of a granny square bow – no measuring required, and the lacy appearance is nice, too. You’ll need these for one of […]

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Fashion Upgrades- Boho Sleeves

Modeling boho sleeves

Fashion Upgrades- Boho Sleeves there is no excuse for lame sleeves, lucky readers, not while you have me in your life. Today’s post was inspired by those lovely thermal sweaters Free People makes around Winter time. But it’s not thermal weather, and honestly it’s too easy not to just do yourself. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about right now, we’ll just get to the program. I used a simple shirt from the gap, a couple of coordinating cotton fat quarters, and a pretty floral lace. If that doesn’t just scream millennial fashion, than you are probably […]

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Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami And we’re back, lucky readers, from a long and lovely London vacay, and in honor of new beginnings I’m starting a new series of fashion upgrades…Entirely unrelated to the fact that as a child of the west coast, I dress in miserably casual comparison to London-ites. Entirely unrelated. Fashion Upgrades will be easy, fast ways to personalize clothes you already own. And to start off, we have an easy camisole adjustment. This took me about 20 minutes…you could even squeeze it in before work! you got this. xoπŸ€, lindsey mae Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami […]

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