Make it Bubbly: Bubble Mug

close up side view of handle

Bubble Mug – I’ve been in such a bubbly mood lately, lucky readers, it must be all this sun. So I wanted to share a happy project to spread some of that good juju. I had a bunch of clay left over after making some ergonomic crochet hooks, so this happened. I hope drinking from this mug this puts you in the mood for apres-work happy hour, ice cream sundaes, cool early morning runs…all of the happy things that summer is meant for. xoπŸ€, lindsey mae Bubble Mug Materials: Sculpey oven bake clay – 3 colors I used .25 ounces […]

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Make it Artisanal: Artist Coasters

Artist Coasters Pin Image

Make your life better by following me on instagram Artist Coasters- My Chat Noir poster was sitting in the recycle pile, lucky readers, and despite the fact that it was pretty tattered, I just couldn’t throw it away. You know this poster, right? Did you know it is an advertisement for a late 1800s French cabaret? Radolphe Salis and fellow artists had an open stage arrangement, where performance was spontaneous and paid for in beer, absinthe, and critique. This edgy cat in Theophile Steinlen’s poster is symbolic for the nature of the club’s nightlife… so basically this cat is my […]

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Make it Entertaining: Chalkboard Cheese Plate

sopressata and havarti

Chalkboard Cheese Plate Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog, lucky readers, is a palandromically applicable phrase for today’s post, which is not something I can often say. We’re talking diy cheese party, people, and this is the easiest possible way for you to class things up fast. So grab some chalk paint, make a quick chalkboard cheese plate, and you can bet your gorgonzola that your friends will be like “holy Oaxaca”, this girl’s gouda…or guy…guy’s gouda…inclusivity only here. you get the point. I pulled this plate out of the trash at my restaurant, rejected for a tiny […]

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Pineapple Mango Strawberry Sangria

Pineapple Mango Strawberry Sangria Pin Image

sometimes I buy a bottle of rose, lucky readers, and sometimes I don’t love it. say what?? no. I’m serious. and you’ve been there, too. Sometimes bottles of wine don’t work out. That is the magic of wine- not knowing what you’re gonna get (there’s a chocolate box reference in there somewhere, but I’m resisting). So there’s this thing I do with wine I don’t love. It’s called Sangria. If you haven’t heard of it, then that sound you are currently hearing is that of me lifting up that rock you’re living under. The sun is out more often than […]

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Celestial Stemless Wine Glass Charms

celestial stemless wine glass charms pin image

Celestial Stemless Wine Glass Charms I don’t wear neon purple lipstick, lucky readers, and that is a decision I regret only when I’m at a party and can’t remember which wineglass is mine. Stemless is in, guys. And that means that all of those standard cutie wine charms won’t do you much good in picking your own Malbec out of the line up. Let’s just say that whenever my irrational germaphobia is stirred, so is my inner Monica Geller, and that, lucky reader, is what you have to thank for these stemless wine glass charms. If you’ve ever made window […]

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Fluffernutter Rice Cakes

fluffernutter rice cakes pin image

Fluffernutter Rice Cakes Happy accidents, lucky reader, get the credit for today’s post. You won’t see a lot of recipes here because if I’m being perfectly honest, I would much rather follow a recipe than make one. I’m a cook, not a chef, as it were. usually…

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Delectable Decorations (A Lesson in Fruit Design)

Delectable decorations pin image

  Delectable Decorations – A Lesson in Fruit Design Fridays, lucky reader, are for get-togethers, and there is nothing your gotten-together guests want to see more than a magnificent centerpiece of meticulously cut and stabbed fruit upon kale. That’s right. And you’re in luck! I’m here to show you how to do just that. Today we’re going to decode the “Delectable Decoration” – and yes, I’m sure you can guess the acclaimed company that brought this concept to the desks of envied coworkers everywhere, but I won’t use the name here #plzdontsueme Instead I’ve brainstormed an alternative list of names […]

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