Make it Grow: Clay Tomato Spiral Supports

red pot, red tomatoes, red support

Clay Tomato Spiral Supports – I have a love-hate relationship with my apartment, lucky readers, because I love that I don’t have room to accumulate junk, and I also hate that I don’t have room to accumulate junk. This became a problem when my little tomato plants finally started taking off. I don’t have room to buy tomato cages! and I hate the idea of throwing such a thing away after the season is over…but my plants were actually unrooting themselves, so I had to do something. Then one day I was walking to the park and saw these adorable, […]

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Make it Art Nerdy: Mondrian Piggy Bank

bank with assorted money

Mondrian Piggy Bank I recently got back from Amsterdam, lucky readers, where I was inspired by pretty much all the things. I’ve had this blank white piggy bank sitting around because I needed a place to stash the coins from all of my tips because #waitresslife. So it became the victim of one of my creative attacks. Even if you don’t know who Piet Mondrian is, or that he was a Dutch painter, you’ve absolutely seen this motif before. And if you haven’t, you can find out more at this link. They even copied his work at the Keukenhoff Tulip […]

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Gnarwall Crochet Chalk Bag

gnarwall crochet chalk bag pin image

Gnarwall Crochet Chalk Bag I’m learning to lead climb, lucky readers, and as stoked as I am about that, I’m also a little bit terrified. So I made myself a little good luck charm, in the form of a narwhal-shaped chalk bag. I call him Gnarwall. He’s pretty much the best. So whether you are a seasoned climber, a beginner, or just a friend of one of these people, I think you owe it to yourself or your climber buds to make a gnarwall crochet chalk bag on the ASAP. This is a long post, so I’m going to let […]

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Twirly Pipe Cleaner Photo Prop

Twirly pipe cleaner photo prop pin image

Twirly Pipe Cleaner Photo Prop I love photo backdrops, lucky readers, as in the beautiful, DIY, anthropologie-status photo backdrops that bespeckle the best of the Buzz feed lists and Pinterest boards that I never have an occasion to create for. until now. it is probably fairly obvious to you by now that I am not a photographer, which was a big motivator for starting this blog, actually…to refine said finer skill. And that is where today’s post came from- I’m interested in the idea of crafting photo props that can then make pictures of my other projects, cards, etc. more […]

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Fluffernutter Rice Cakes

fluffernutter rice cakes pin image

Fluffernutter Rice Cakes Happy accidents, lucky reader, get the credit for today’s post. You won’t see a lot of recipes here because if I’m being perfectly honest, I would much rather follow a recipe than make one. I’m a cook, not a chef, as it were. usually…

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