Free-form Stitched Canvas

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | multi texture

my periods of #funemployment usually involve a lot of redecorating, lucky readers,

along with a lot of deep cleaning, and watching the Office, insane baking pursuits, and questioning my life choices…I’ve got this down to a science, guys. (PS If you are currently unemployed and hating it, holla at yo girl and I promise I will change your mind)

And you know how?

Obvi it’s because I’ve always got a project going on. It’s like that old adage craftiness is close to sane-liness or that a stitch in twine saves minds (something like that… idk I don’t even know what day it is).

Anyways, the point of all this is that I’ve been making some new wall art for my craft desk. It all started because of the really inspiring weaves that have graced my instagram feed, that I neither currently have the funds to buy supplies for nor the time amid the million other projects I promised myself I’d finish to start (and yet here we are), and I was also looking for a way to repurpose some old canvases I did last year.

Creating these free-form stitched canvas pieces is low maintenance and entry level. It’s perfect for using yarn scraps and your creative juices, so go make something textured and beautiful then show me via #makeitlucky on insta.

Cheers to your Thursday!


lindsey mae

Before we get to the project aka why we’re all here, these are some of my favorite weavers to inspire you:


by artist Erin Barrett on insta as @sunwoven
click the photo to see more of her stunning work

Spring Rainbow Weaving by Sunwoven Studios

Smooth Hills Weaving

by artist Mandi Smethalls on insta as @mandismoothhills
click the photo to see her online portfolio

Creation by Smooth Hills Weaving

I also really love this project from One Dog Woof. Going to try it some day. stay tuned.
Click the photo for the project tutorial.

Woven Wall Hanging by One Dog Woof
I love this texture, and I love how it can all be created via the trusty crochet hook

Free-form Stitched Canvas How-To


contains affiliate links, thanks!


Step 1

Paint your canvas as desired.

I had this old painting I did last year (I know, kinda kitchy, right?) that no longer fits into my decorating scheme, but I don’t like throwing things away so I just painted over it in black for this project.

Canvas to be Remade
Yeah….this had to go…

Step 2

Sew into the canvas, starting from back to front. Apply pressure around the section of canvas you are piercing to help you pull the needle through (watch your fingers, esp if you are accident prone like me). For very chunky yarns, consider using a craft pick to pierce a hole first – it adds a step but will likely save you time and finger pricks in the long run.

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | Assembly

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | Close-up Black

Step 3

Build a pattern using a variety of stitch lengths and yarn weights. Follow a pattern or use these as a basis for inspiration, but use this as an opportunity to follow your whims – as long as you keep it simple and clean, your project will turn out artsy and cool no matter what!

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | Rainbow
This one is going by my art desk 🌈

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | Rainbow Close Up

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | Black
Still working on this one as of blog post date…stay tuned!

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | Texture Play

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | Texture Play

Free-Form Stitched Canvas | multi texture

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