Sequin Ear Crawlers

Sequin Ear Crawler

I am fairly ambivalent about valentines day, lucky readers,

fun fact about me: I once worked a midnight to 7 am shift at Edible Arrangements JUST drizzling strawberries to meet the Valentine’s Day demand…and you just don’t leave that experience as a normal human being. My chocolate strawberries are en flique which is good because my brows defs aren’t right now.

moral of the story is I can take or leave the love holiday. Bae knows by now that every day is Lindsey day (and vice versa :D)

BUT but but I love dressing up. So if Valentine’s date night is my ticket to glam then I’m on board.

so in case you needed some ideas for date night, a classy AF Galentine gift, or you’re reading this in the middle of June and are just feelin straight up frisky, make some of these sequin ear crawlers. I give you permission to be the human definition of G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.

Imma go put some Fergie on now k byeee


lindsey mae

Sequin Ear Crawlers How-to


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flat pad earring posts with butterfly clutch
ball head pins (2″ or desired crawler length)
E6000 glue or hot glue
sequins of your choice


Step 1-

use glue to fix the ball end of the head pin into the center of flat pad post. let dry

Sequin Ear Crawler | head pin base
Because it was convenient, I went a head and covered the head pin with a sequin in this step, but you can do this later

Step 2-

Use pliers to bend the head pin in a loose curve, to match the line of your ear. Then apply a strip of glue along the front side of the head pin and line with sequins. let dry This will dictate the length of your crawler, though you can always trim later.

Sequin Ear Crawlers | sequin application

don’t worry excessively about excess glue, you can use scissors to trim off chunks later if it is impacting the aesthetic.

If your sequins are especially small, pour some into a small tray and just press wire in wet glue side down rather than attempting to stack them individually

Step 3-

Trim off any excess head pin wire. Fill in empty spaces with additional sequins as desired.

Sequin Ear Crawler Design Options

Starburst Sequin Ear Crawlers

Begin with a small star sequin, add a trail of small sequins. You could add multiple head pins here for multiple “tails”

Sequin Ear Crawler | Starburst

Sequin Ear Crawler | Starburst view 2

Floral Sequin Ear Crawlers

Use flower sequins for your base. Finish off with green sequins or leaves.

Sequin Ear Crawler | floral

Sequin Ear Crawler | Floral View 2

Blue Sequin Ear Crawlers

You can NEVER EVER go wrong with tone on tone. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I use these sequins ALL the time. They are my fave.

Sequin Ear Crawler | Blue

Sequin Ear Crawler | Blue

Sequin Ear Crawlers

Sequin Ear Crawler

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