Felt Ball Pom Keychain

Felt Ball Pom Keychain

While I love the opportunity and excitement of the New Year, lucky readers,

new beginnings are often so stressful. Over the past few years that I have been out of college, I’ve usually found myself around this time looking for jobs (the pains of working seasonally), starting the odd class or two, and planning my trips for the year. It got me like ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

So if you, too, are already in need of a distraction this fine January 9th, this one goes out to you…it’s all healthy and normal.

While not usually a purse person (purson ๐Ÿคจ…yikes! this again?) I love those furry pom pom key chains that are on trend right now…mostly because I like this idea of giving something so basic as a Kate Spade purse a bunny tail…so with my nifty little pom pom maker and a little stash of felt balls found at a Papersource, I set out to make something even wackier ๐ŸŒˆ.

load your glue guns and brace yourself for one colorful project…see? already distracted by the power of the felt ball pom keychain.

Lindsey mae

Felt Ball Pom Keychain
Kinda reminds you of the UP! balloons, no?

Felt Ball Pom Keychain How-to


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about 40 felt balls (medium-sized. If you are buying a different brand or making your own that is about 3/4″ in diameter…but I think this would look even cooler with a bunch of varied sizes)
glue gun
scrap of yarn (to make underlying pom pom)
pom pom maker by Clover (optional – I used the green one to make a pom ~2.25″ in diameter see link)
keychain component (optional)

felt balls
These are super cute – Paper Source carries them, hand-crafted in Nepal by Women cooperatives


Step 1 –

create a simple yarn pom pom to use as the base for your felt balls

I made mine 2 1/4 inches in diameter, using the clover pom pom maker (psst! you can always make your own pom pom maker out of card board). Any larger and you will likely need more felt balls.

Important!! Before tying off the yarn used to wind around the center section of the pom pom, string through a 6″ piece of yarn that has been tied into a loop. This will create a sturdy loop for attaching your keychain as desired.

Making the pom pom base
Making poms is super simple with the pom pom maker by Clover. If you don’t need another gizmo though, there are ways to make poms with common home materials, you won’t see it in the final product, anyways.
simple om pom
The easiest way to attach a loop to your pom pom is to attach a loop through the center wrap that will divide your pom

Step 2

fix felt balls to yarn pom pom with the hot glue gun

apply a small dab of glue to the yarn as well as the neighboring poms, leaving as little space as possible between them.

Protip: You can always trim off extra pieces of hardened glue after it has dried in order to maintain the aesthetic

decorating pom pom with felt balls
the fun part…

Step 3

attach key chain component to the extra loop. Tag #makeitlucky on insta to show me your felt ball pom keychain creations!

Felt Ball Pom Keychain
Kinda reminds you of the UP! balloons, no?

Red Purse and Pom Keychain

Felt Ball Pom Keychain on Purse

Felt Ball Pom and Blue Purse
I love my Fossil in case you couldn’t tell

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