gearings diy post and dangle earrings

Gear up, lucky readers, and party like its 1818

…I’m taking one for the steam and kicking off 2018 with a topic that is rather out of my realm – but Bae is reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea again and I just LOVE these gear embellishments I found by Tim Holtz so we got ourselves a Steampunk post.

You can bet your brass that these gearrings (gear earrings…lol) are going to be fun whether you’re into the scene or not. Perfect for pairing with that mug with the mustache on it you got from that white elephant exchange back in …when was that? 2011? was that when people were into that?

I’m going to put myself out of my misery and stop trying to talk about this (but tis the season tho, so I hear…). Hope you like this quick idea.

Happy 2018!

lindsey mae

Gear Earrings How-To


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gear embellishments by Tim Holtz
jewelry adhesive

post option:
earring post findings

dangle option:
ear hoop findings
ear wires

*findings suggested are the affordable option I used, not sterling silver. If you have an allergy, please consider selecting higher quality materials to avoid irritation of your piercing area.


post gear earrings:

apply a small spot of glue to the face of a post finding.

place back of gear embellishment firmly to finding to attach, let dry per glue instructions.

If you have multiple piercings, consider off-setting the finding to one side of the back of the gear, rather than directly in the center. This will allow you to make more room for your other studs.

dangle gear earrings:

select an ear hoop that is slightly smaller than your gear embellishment. apply a thin layer of glue around the wire and center the gear to the surface, let dry. Attach gear piece to an ear finding.

Tim Holtz gears
You may be thinking…what does this girl NOT use to make earrings? And that is a fair question…but you just NEVER know when your steampunk gear is gonna come in handy

Gear earrings are easy and come together in minutes!

Gearrings DIY earring Project

gearings diy post and dangle earrings

dangle gear earring model
if post earrings just aren’t your thing…we can work with that

gearrings die model
Bonus points if you can spot the tape I used to smash these gears into my face. idk…when it comes to steampunk, defs not my vibe, but like so many other things, I’m a total wanna be

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