Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings

Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings

If I ever needed an excuse to wear shiny things, lucky readers,

the holidays are my ticket to glam-town, and today I have the perfect project for you to get your bling on, too!

These amethyst post earrings are deceivingly easy and will be a gorgeous accessory to your holiday attire and, might I add, an enviable last-minute gift for even the trickiest of gift-lists (friends, you know who you are).

Let’s get right to it, and Fa-la-la-ll in love with post earrings all over again


lindsey mae

PS – need more Christmas ideas for the jewelry obsessed? Why not make a pair of these eye-popping enamel dot beauties while you’re at it.

Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings How-To


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thin-nosed jewelry pliers
thin gold wire
amethyst beads or small stones
E6000 or other craft glue
earring post findings

small stones on a sandy beach
Indulge your inner beach comber – normally I don’t take things from the beach, but these stones were so cute and tiny and I couldn’t resist.


Step 1

wrap the gold wire around the thin-nosed pliers 5-6 times. cut or bend off.

How to prepare the coil for the amethyst
It’s so much easier to create the coil first, then put in the stone…rather than trying to coil the wire around said stone. I promise ๐Ÿ˜€

Step 2

slide a bead or stone into the center of the coil

Creating the Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings

Step 3

use the craft glue to afix the wrapped stone to the face of the post earring finding

Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings
You can get a strand of these beads for less than $5 – they really go such a long way and I just love how they pair with the gold

Step 4

let dry/cure. Then make a million more sets for all of your friends (PS don’t forget to be good to yourself!)

Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings
These really are such a perfect, classy Christmas gift.

Make a set of gold wire-wrapped earrings in every color

Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings

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