Make it Autumn Crochet Cowl

Make it Autumn Cowl in all colors

The cowl is a funny animal, lucky readers,

it’s like the clothing equivalent of a borgi …where you’re like…pretty certain it’s a weird combination of pooch, but it’s just soooooooo cute and it sleeps next to you snoring lightly all night and is so heckin playful and did I mention adorable

…we definitely aren’t talking about cowls anymore.

but you get where I’m going with this. Not scarf, not …idk what the opposite of a scarf is…dickey? lol…but somewhere gorgeously in between. And that’s where you’ll catch me among these California Fall days, with a cowl that is warm enough for the chill or the mornings and yet somehow cool enough for the crisp afternoons.

jump on this party of a bandwagon. party wagon. and show me the gorgeous colors you come up with when you make it Autumn for yourself.


Lindsey Mae

Make it Autumn Cowl

Worked in the round, this cowl features the moss stitch, which nicely frames the playful texture of the bobble stitch.

I made this in two sizes: a fitted, and relaxed size. The fitted size measures 9″ across and the relaxed measures 11.5″ across, but any even stitch count will work depending on your vision for your piece. Yarn requirements and pattern are detailed for the relaxed version. To make the fitted, begin with a chain of 70.

Make it Autumn Cowl in all colors

Make it Autumn Cowl Blue Scheme

Make it Autumn Cowl in Red and Confetti


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Size H crochet hook

Two colors worsted weight yarn:
90 grams/171 yds/156 m Worsted Weight Primary* yarn
15 grams/29 yds/27 m Worsted Weight Accent* yarn
     featured yarns in this project include Big Twist Premium in Teal and Raven, and Big Twist Sincerely in Cupcake Confetti and Red.

*I refer to the yarn that is used primarily on the edging and in between popcorn rows as the ACCENT yarn. The yarn that is used for the popcorn stitches of the main body is the PRIMARY yarn. Crocheting this from 2 of Joann’s Big Twist sincerely skeins will allow you to make a pair of “relaxed” cowls with reverse color schemes, which I know is exactly the news you want to hear with Christmas around the corner. However if you opt for the softer Premium option you will likely need two skeins of each.

Pattern Update

As of 11/27/17 I have updated this pattern so that the moss stitch color changes transition more smoothly when worked in the round. This is a rather minor change, that won’t disrupt any WIP, but I’ve experimented with this a lot, and am confident that the old version of this pattern will certainly work, but that this method will give you a better aesthetic, which is something I am always working towards. Let me know if you have any questions. I always work very hard to vet my patterns before I post them, but will also always update you if I find a better way to do something. Thanks! πŸ€


While working the moss stitch in the round, it can be a bit tricky to keep your stitch counts consistent. It was most helpful for me to count the only the sc around (should be half the number of your starting chain) to keep on track. You will alternate moss stitch rows beginning your single crochet in the ch space immediately next to your hook, and the second ch sp from your hook.


Begin with accent color and ch 92, sl st to join round.

Row 1:

ch 2 (counts as first sc/ch), sc in 2nd ch from hook (make sure you are not counting the ch you just sl st into), ch 1, sk next st, *sc 1, ch 1, sk next st, repeat from * around, sl st to join.

you should have 46 of the [sc, ch1] motif

Row 2:

ch 1 to start, sc in first ch space, ch 1, *sc in next ch sp, ch 1, repeat from * around, ending on a ch, then slip st into the first sc of row to join

Row 3:

switch to primary color, pull new yarn through loop (counts as 1 ch), ch 1, sc into 2nd ch sp from hook, *ch 1, sc into next ch sp, repeat from * around, ending on a sc, then sl st into the starting ch 2 to join.

no need to cut yarn and weave in ends, just carry along back of work

Rows 4, 5:

repeat instructions for rows 2 and 3 in accent color only

Row 6:

switch to primary color, pull through loop (counts as 1 ch), ch 2 (counts as first dc), make 4 dc in same sp, remove hook and insert through top of first st, then behind the work through the top of the last dc and pull loop through (this is also known as a popcorn stitch*), ch 1, *make a popcorn st with 5 dc in next ch sp, ch 1, repeat from * around, then sl st to join in top of starting ch (should have 46 bobbles)

*Wait, what now? if you’ve never done the popcorn stitch, Tamara at Moogly has a great little video on this

Row 7:

switch to accent color, pull through loop, ch 1, *sc in next ch sp, ch 1, repeat from * around, sl st into starting ch to join

Row 8-15:

repeat rows 6 & 7 four times

Row 16:

continue in accent color: ch 1, *sc in first ch sp, ch 1, repeat from * around, ending on a ch, sl st into first sc to join

Row 17:

switch to primary color, ch 2, sc in second ch sp from hook, *ch 1, sc in ch sp, repeat from * around, sl st into starting ch 2 to join

Rows 18-19:

repeat directions for row 16 and 17 in accent color only, repeat row 16. Finish off, weave in ends.

Make it Autumn Cowl

Make it Autumn Cowl Close up

Make it Autumn Cowl Funfetti Color Close up
Seriously, how darling is this yarn? I love LOVE the bright colors of this Big Twist yarn from Joann

Make it Autumn Cowl Funfetti Close up

cowl paired with feather hat
sometimes you just gotta go into Anthropologie to try on all the hats

cowl matching red autumn berries backdrop

standing on an autumn bridge
The Make it Autumn cowl works well with fleece…think little walks through the leaves and rain-soaked air…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Make it Autumn Cowl Close up

Make it Autumn Cowl Close up in Red

cat interferes autumn cowl
Tiny Wesley gets a little jealous of my phone when I spend too much time taking pictures.

Moss Stitch transition to popcorn
Close-up of the moss stitch. I just love this look – it’s almost knitted in appearance

Make it Autumn Cowl with Cat Wesley

Confetti Cowl and braided hair
I definitely recommend pairing this look with a French braid and a pumpkin spice latte because #treatyoself

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