Make it Creepy: Googly Eye Post Earrings

Googly eye post earrings

I’ve been a closeted Halloween hater for years, lucky readers,

well…hate is a strong word…and the closet is a dark place…so if you can pick a vocab word that describes “doesn’t like macabre decor because too wimpy and sunshine-y to appreciate” then comment below and we’ll go with that. I also don’t really love costumes, which I got a life’s fill of with a 10 year stint in ballet.

If I’ve lost you already…go..move on to the project…get. But if you want to hear me justify myself, please indulge me…

Are you even human? you ask…

yeah I know it is highly unpopular to dislike Halloween SO of course I’ve found a way to fake it…the cutesy AF way… omg I love everything cute halloween.

throw away the gauzy ghosts and bring on the caspers
ditch the creepy witch wart noses and pull up those rocking green striped socks
burn the mega spiders and …replace them with kittens…I don’t know I got nothin there

Thus these googly eye post earrings…festive enough to go either way – creepy costume, or adorable one.

Are you like me? is cutesy Halloween your jam? Tell me ALL of your favorite decor ideas. Are you thoroughly revulsed because you identify as a quarter Goblin? …convince me why I’m wrong.

Wherever you stand on this…I hope these googly eye post earrings will help you rock your look next weekend.

OMGOMGOMG if you dress up as a Mega spider (you weird nerds you). these can be like…some of your other spider eyes…omg the chills running down my spine right now are un.REAL.


lindsey mae

Googly Eye Post Earrings How-to


googly eyes
post earring findings
45000 glue

Materials Inspiration

For findings:

For glue:


Step 1

apply a thin layer of glue to the back of a googly eye

Step 2

fix it to the earring finding by pressing firmly, and allowing to dry for at least an hour (cure for longer per glue instructions)

Step 3

go be spooktacular!!!!

earrings pierced through wood paper
How cute of a gift would this be? just a little woodsy paper does the trick

googly eye post earrings
This will be the extent of my costume, folks

Googly eye post earrings

dark makeup pairs with googly eye post earrings

not sure how many more views of this I can do without getting very tired of my face so…let’s end with a little black cat treatment. Courtesy of my friend Rachel’s grandma:

black cat
A black cat for a happy halloween

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