Make it Minimalist: Enamel Dot Cards

Enamel Dot Cards "Missing Dot Sample"

It has been a bit of a hard couple days, lucky readers,

because the reason I have free time to blog right now is that my job at the winery is on hold with all of these horrifying NorCal fires.

It’s a scary time for businesses and residents all over Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, and beyond, and is sickening and difficult to watch the community I’ve come to know in California wrestle with the fact that their livelihoods and homes are at stake…or even compromised.

I bring this up mostly to mention that I’ll do a real post on this later…but for now it feels far too soon and is far too sad to write on this topic, thus the timing of this quick project for Enamel Dot Cards that I’ve been meaning to post for a while now…it’s just a tiny dose of distraction…and I think a lot of cards and acts of support are going to be in order in the near future.

to my California friends, please continue to be safe and strong.


lindsey mae

Enamel Dot Cards How-to

I’m fondly calling these, dot jots, I like all of the minimalist directions you can go with a basic pack of enamel dot stickers


Kraft Note cards
Enamel Dot stickers

Materials Inspiration

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These Kraft note cards come with matching envelopes, and are a nice 80 lb thickness:


Enamel Dot Card - Grid View

Enamel Dot Grid Card
Grids give a clean, simple look…

Enamel Dot Card - Missing Dot Alt View

Missing Dot Card Inside
“Missing Dot” Card – inside sentiment

Enamel Dot Cards

Enamel Dot Card Side Trim Sample
Use Enamel Dots just to create a side trim

Enamel Dot Card - Single Line Sample

Enamel Dot Card - minimalist stairs

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