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sticky note samples

I don’t have a planner, lucky readers,

which dang better be a shock to you all based on your perception of my otherwise beautifully crafty and excitingly plan-able life (psych), but this is just one craft movement I haven’t had the proper time to jump on.

Which is too bad because I LOVE all of the little planner embellishments that are out these days. Gahh they’re so cute that I buy them despite and then need to find things to do with them.

The latest purchase were these little sticky note flags by Recollections. Such a cute little color scheme and design, I couldn’t not do a quick cards post on them. This is like your food channel “five ingredient fix” applied to card making…let the super cute sticky notes do the work for you, just repurpose them into something your friends will love to get in the mail.

alright I have a day of crochet to get to, guys so I’ll stop stalling. Happy October, friends!


Lindsey mae

Sticky Notes How To


Kraft note cards
thin bookmark stick notes
double stick tape (optional)
stamp greetings

Materials Ideas

contains affiliate links – the following photos are links

For notecards:

These come with matching envelopes, and are a nice 80 lb thickness:

For Sticky Notes:

The ones I used from Michaels were out of stock online, so I didn’t include any links. you can use any flag style or thin sticky notes, just cut out a simple triangle to make the flag shape.

For Stamps:

This adorable French set by Hero arts

psst! do you need blocks for your clear stamps?? I like these simple and affordable ones by Apple Pie Memories. Click the photo for the Amazon listing.


  1. Trim sticky notes as needed to create desired design and fix to front of card using adhesive of your choice
  2. add your sentiment in writing or via stamp
  3. show me your design! #makeitlucky on insta

sticky note samples

Sticky Notes Inspiration
You don’t even need a sentiment. Just keep it simple.

sticky note grid sample

sticky note merci card idea
Try stacking notes and playing with length

sticky note bonjour card
Put the flags down first, then draw the lines in between

sticky note beautiful card
You don’t have to be a pro at calligraphy to do this. I just copy alphabets from the internet roughly with a fine permanent marker, then go in after and fill in the letters

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