Make it Colorful: Easy Enamel Dot Post Earrings

a collection of easy enamel dot post earrings

I jumped on the multi-ear piercing band wagon earlier this year, lucky readers,

so naturally I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all of the earrings I want to make to fill the void, as it were πŸ™„ …and during my days at Impress, the amazing and wonderful destination for all rubber stamps, they had all these different Enamel Dot stickers, that to be honest, reminded me of the fake stick on earrings I used to get as a kid.

So I thought it would be fun to make the look more permanent, and the result couldn’t be easier or more fun. All you need is some stickers, a little glue, and the findings. In fact, finding the findings may be the hardest part of this whole ordeal…as the lady at the cute little bead store (San Francisco Arts and Crafts on Broadway) in Sonoma put it, “that’s why they’re called findings, because when you finally encounter them, they are indeed a find” …haha, I really couldn’t put it better than that.

I bought a cheap set of stud findings, just to see if this would work, and then to make the credit card limit bought some heckin amazeballs glue to use for jewelry and beyond…no joke, guys, literally the day after I bought this glue, the towel bar fell off the glass shower door, and when I read the glue was rated for both glass and metal, I gave it a try…worked like a total charm. That’s multipurpose for ya.

Anyhow, I hope you take the 10 minutes to put these together. I’ll warn you now that they aren’t super sturdy…the one thing the glue doesn’t adhere to well is the adhesive on the dot stickers…I tried backing with thick card stock first, to limited success, but for how cheap these are to make and how fun they turn out, I don’t mind swapping out a new dot now and then as needed.

Play around with sizes, colors, and shapes, just please, if anything, don’t make a symmetrical pair…variety is the spice of life friends, let’s keep it as original as we can.

cheers, guys…miss writing for you every week…but also the wine harvest is super fun.


lindsey mae

Easy Enamel Dot Post Earrings How to

yellow, purple, pink enamel dot earring color combination


Enamel Dot Stickers
Post earring findings
Craft Glue

Your Materials Idea List

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For Enamel Dots:

For findings:

For glue:


Step 1:

clean the face of your post earring findings with rubbing alcohol

optional step, scratch face with sandpaper to increase adhesive potential

Step 2:

take your desired enamel dot and place it face down on craft surface

Step 3:

cover face of the finding with a very thin layer of glue, and press firmly into the center of the enamel dot

Step 4:

allow glue to dry for 5-10 minutes, and to cure for 24 hours

Be smart: do this in a well-ventilated area…the glue is awesome, but the fumes aren’t, k thanks bye

Step 5:

Enamor all, especially enatics, when enacting enation wearing enamel earrings…oh man, Lindsey, why do you do this? because friends…I get one day off a week, and it gets to me, in all the best ways 😘

enamel dot earrings...

pink, green, yellow dot earrings
ok, so sorry about the bad picture…earrings are so hard to take pictures of and also my ears aren’t very photogenic, but I hope this gives you an idea of all the variety you can create.

Cool color palette, enamel dot earrings

blue, purple and green earring
I won’t sit still, look pretty, but I will work hard, look hot…rockin the studs with the harvest flannel = babe status #defsnotbasic

enamel dot and silver post earring
Combine these with your other favorite earrings to keep the fun going.

3 different easy enamel post earrings sizes
Large, Medium, Small dot…kinda looks like a caterpillar, but I like it

Earrings on display card

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