Make it Organized: Wrapping Paper Tea Tins

Tea tins, complete

Pretty paper, lucky readers,

is a kind of affordable luxury for me. It’s something I can splurge on when I want to buy something…but not actually spend that much money.

I was recently in a little stationary store near the restaurant where I work, filled with glorious huge books of Artist prints, stoic yet manageably sized statues, refined writing utensils, and paper weights you could look at for hours. In the corner there were a couple of wooden racks filled with metallic- laced wrapping paper – the same nice wrapping paper from my days of working at Impress.

So in the name of supporting local business and a minor paper obsession, I walked out with some mint green paper filled with dandelion puffs – the kind that you blow away with your lovely wishes. It was the perfect option for covering my empty tea tins, because, you know, repurposing is just always on my mind.

I hope you have fun with these wrapping paper tea tins.


lindsey mae

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Wrapping Paper Tea Tins How- to


Fine Gift Wrapping Paper
double stick tape
tea tins
mod podge hard coat
paint brush
Goo Gone

close up of teal dandelion puffs paper
I used a paper called “Dandelion Puffs” – this and many more options available at Paper Source or your local fine paper store


Step 1-

Strip original labels off of tea tins, using goo gone or some sort of “sticky removal” product if needed. Wash to ensure surface is non oily

empty tea tins
you can be sad your tea is gone…but you can’t just throw these away

tea tins, labels removed
It will definitely take a little elbow grease, but some Goo Gone will make label removal much faster

Step 2-

Trim wrapping paper to size of tins – ensuring you leave 2-3 extra cm on the “long way” to make sure that you have some overlap

Step 3-

Cover surface in double stick tape, especially near the rim and bottom of the container

Step 4-

Carefully lay trimmed paper around tins, ensuring good contact with the double stick tape and that all wrinkles are smoothed out

Step 5-

Coat entire surface of paper with mod podge hard coat, working to seal in the paper at the edges so that the tins will be more water resistant

Step 6-

Repeat with 7 more coats, until you have a firm, resistant layer
Enjoy your wrapping paper tea tins!

If you want another fun Mod Podge idea, check out my Artist Coasters!

Tea tins, complete
How cute is this dandelion paper on these tins? My “wish” is that you’ll make your own πŸ™‚

wrapping paper tea tin

storing copies in tea tin
Make a personalized marker/pen cup

washi in a tea tin
Hold your craft supplies in your crafty tea tins

yarn skein in tea tin
Use a tea tin as a holder for your latest crochet project. Don’t have one? I may have some ideas πŸ˜‰

wrapping paper tea tins on sink
Ultimately I decided these were best for storage of Q-tips and cotton pads. I love solutions that help keep out clutter that also fit my style

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