Make it Bubbly: Bubble Mug

close up side view of handle

Bubble Mug –

I’ve been in such a bubbly mood lately, lucky readers,

it must be all this sun. So I wanted to share a happy project to spread some of that good juju. I had a bunch of clay left over after making some ergonomic crochet hooks, so this happened.

I hope drinking from this mug this puts you in the mood for apres-work happy hour, ice cream sundaes, cool early morning runs…all of the happy things that summer is meant for.


lindsey mae

Bubble Mug


Sculpey oven bake clay – 3 colors

  • I used .25 ounces of each (1/8th of the common 2 oz packs)
  • For reference, I used the following colors: teal pearl (blue), purple, and Granny Smith (green)

Mod Podge dishwasher safe gloss
mug – I picked up a simple white one from Home Goods for less than $3.00
paint brush

clays, mug, and mod podge


step 1-

roll clay into tiny balls sizing from 1/4″ to 1/8″

bubble compared to ruler
create bubbles no larger than this size

blue, green, purple bubbles

step 2-

bake on a sheet pan covered with aluminum foil per the clay directions: 15 min at 275˚C

holding the baked clay bubbles

bubbles shaped into a heart

step 3-

clean the handle of the mug with rubbing alcohol, allow to air dry

step 4-

Use paint brush to apply some Mod Podge to the top of the mug handle, afix clay balls randomly per color and size. I had to do this in multiple sections at a time to make sure that none of the pieces fell off during drying. Make sure you fill in any blank spaces, stacking to add some dimensionality so that it looks filled in.

completed handle view of bubble mug
Stack/fill in as needed until the original ceramic is not visible. If necessary do this in stages, waiting at least an hour in between sections.

step 5-

according to directions, allow to cure for 28 days. I’d say don’t put the mug in the dishwasher for this time. But feel free to gently hand wash until then!!

close up side view of handle

End product - bubble mug

bubble mug from above

bubble mug at work!

bubble mug in hands

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