Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater

Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater pairs well with a maxi skirt


I have introduced a $1.00 version of this pattern on Ravelry. It is print-friendly, nicely formatted, and more informative.

Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater

I’ve had this vision, lucky readers,

of making a summery version of this free people sweater I’ve had for years.
Can we talk about this sweater for a minute? I love it so much. It’s attractively fitted, I just love the beading across the top, the ridged motif at the bottom, and how the stitching is just spaced enough to show off your favorite bralette.

orange knit sweater with beaded top
Image Credit goes to free people. This is my favorite sweater ever.

But I’m not really an advanced pattern creator, so I had no idea how I would go about pulling this off until I saw Maria’s creation.

Today’s Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater was inspired from this one by Maria Valles.
Maria Valles's Amma Granny Square Sweater in White
Amma Granny Square Sweater by Maria Valles

I think this concept – sewing together two granny squares and simply adding a collar/sleeves is so genius and so beautifully simple. It was the perfect base to conjure my own sweater from. And Maria does an amazing job explaining how to make a granny square, so if you need a reminder on how to do that, please visit the link by clicking the photo of her sweater. Then follow her on Instagram because she makes lots of other pretty and inspiring things.

And without further ado, go and crochet something flattering that you love!

triple tucked sweater on hanger with concert backdrop


lindsey mae

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Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater

triple tucked crochet sweater


size 4mm crochet hook
200 grams of DK weight yarn (11 wpi)
sequins or small beads
embroidery needle
yarn needle

a quick note on the yarn: I used Phil douce by Phildar, a discontinued yarn that I found oodles of in my grandma’s closet. It is 75% Acrylic, 20% Kid Mohair, and 5% wool. To help you find something similar, I’ve included the link to its page on Ravelry.


ch- chain
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
fpdc- front-post double crochet
bpdc- back-post double crochet

Don’t recognize those last two? head to Moogly Blog and watch Tamara’s short video on how to do front/back post double crochet


Sweater base:
Step 1-

crochet 2 granny squares of equal size, determined using this formula:

Take your waist measurement + 16 inches (40 cm), then divide by 2.

For example, in my case, adding 16″ to my waist measurement of 28″ is 44″. I divided that by 2 and made each square to be 22″.

While this may appear to be quite large, you are going to need the extra width in order to tuck the sweater later.

If you are a visual learner, Moogly has a video tutorial on creating a granny square.

Step 2-

Attach the squares using a whip stitch.

  1. Overlay the granny squares so that right sides are facing.
  2. Select one side to be the top, where the neckline will be
  3. Sew 3” in from each end of the top edge to create what will become the shoulders. You should have an 16″ opening.
  4. Starting at the very bottom of one side, sew along the edge for 16″, so that you have a 6″ hole for your arm. That said- you can make the arm holes larger or smaller as needed for fit.
  5. Repeat on the other side
instructions for sewing together squares
black stitches illustrate where to whip stitch.
Shape the sweater:

Turn fabric inside out so that the right sides are facing out.

Insert hook into the bottom of the sweater at one of the side seams. You will be crocheting into the edge of the granny square.

Row 1: ch2, dc around
Row 2: ch 2, 2 bpdc, 1 fp dc, around
Row 3-4: repeat row 2, finish off.

The bpdc of rows 3 and 4 should align with those in row 2, this is what will give you the ridging. If you have to cheat to force this, I won’t judge, it is better than having the ridges be out of alignment

close up view of the stitching at the base of the sweater
This is how the bottom should look if the fpdc and bpdc are aligned

Insert hook into the top of the first space located at the bottom of the arm hole. You will create the sleeve by crocheting into the granny square stitches around the arm opening only.

We will be continuing the granny square pattern, only now in the round.

Row 1: ch 4, *dc 3 in the space, ch 1, skip 3 stitches and repeat from * around. When you reach the starting 4 ch, make 2 dc into the space, then sl st into the 3rd chain.
Row 2: repeat row 1
Row 3: ch 1, sc around
Row 4: repeat row 3

Repeat on second side

close up of sleeve
To make the sleeves, just continue the granny square style of stitching in the round of the arm hole

Turn sweater inside out.

Insert hook into the top of the sweater at one of the side seams where you have sewn to create the shoulders. Again, you will be crocheting into the edge of the granny square.

String sequins onto the yarn until you have about 6 inches strung, when they are pressed together. This is the most time consuming part- and you can also forgo this step or even use beads instead, in which case 12 inches of beads will be sufficient. Tip! Use an embroidery needle to help with this step.

If you have never crocheted with beads before, or are having trouble visualizing, you can find a tutorial on beaded single crochet at this link on the Red Heart site. You will have to scroll down a ways to get to the sc section.

Row 1: ch 1, Sc around, sliding 1-2 sequins in between each stitch.
Rows 2-5: Sc around
Finish off

How the sequin row should look when finished

Adding the Tucks

Now we get to the fun part of the triple tucked crochet sweater!

Make sure sweater is right side out. Choose a side to be the front.

You will create two tucks just under the bust, along where an empire waistline would fall. It actually helps to be wearing the sweater while you do this, so that you can maintain the symmetry.

Pinch a fold of the fabric 2″ in from the side seam, about 10.5″ up from the bottom of the sweater. Use your other hand to pinch another fold of the fabric 5″ in from the side seam, and 10.5″ up from the bottom. Sew to join the two folds.

front of sweater tuck instructions
Pinch the fabric at the 2 x’s, then sew to join the two to make the tucks
a close up of one of the tucks at the front of the sweater
Folds run vertically down the sweater

Triple tucked crochet sweater front

Flip sweater over

Find the center of the square. Pinch 2.5″ left and 2.5″ right of the center, then use yarn and yarn needle to join both of these folds.

back of triple tucked crochet sweater

close up of sweater neckline

sweater pairing with shorts

Modeling completed triple tucked crochet sweater

completed sweater selfie

You too, luckies, can be rocking the triple tucked crochet sweater with a lace bralette.


  1. Hmmm….another one to save and try! I may add some length to it….
    I will share if it works, or for fun, I may share if it doesn’t….hahaha!

    1. Oh good – if you do, of course let me know if you get stuck. I think it would be easy to add length – I would do so after the two squares are sewn together. Then, before beginning on the bottom trim, repeat the granny square pattern around until you’ve achieved the extension you want.

  2. Just love this sweater. I love the design and how it fits. I’m so looking forward to making this. Thank you for a new idea in a top. Welcome to the world of blogging.

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