Make it Art Nerdy: Mondrian Piggy Bank

bank with assorted money

Mondrian Piggy Bank

I recently got back from Amsterdam, lucky readers,

where I was inspired by pretty much all the things. I’ve had this blank white piggy bank sitting around because I needed a place to stash the coins from all of my tips because #waitresslife. So it became the victim of one of my creative attacks.

Even if you don’t know who Piet Mondrian is, or that he was a Dutch painter, you’ve absolutely seen this motif before. And if you haven’t, you can find out more at this link. They even copied his work at the Keukenhoff Tulip festival, as documented by my friend Chris in this photo.

a Mondrian exhibit at the Amsterdam tulip festival
Mondrian tulips!

originally I started to tackle this with some painter’s tape, trying to achieve perfectly straight lines, and then I decided that we can’t all be Mondrians and that I preferred the rustic look to the half-of-the-lines-ripped-off-by-the-painters-tape look. So pick up a thin pointed round brush and embrace your imperfections.

that almost sounded like it could be good life advice


lindsey mae

Mondrian Piggy Bank


Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black acrylic paint
white piggy bank (I found mine in the ceramic section at Michaels) but here is an online option from Amazon.
thin pointed round paint brush
black puff paint (optional)


This project is pretty self explanatory, but I’ve detailed a couple of things that made it easier for me, for your reference πŸ™‚

Mondrian Piggy Bank Befores
Had to take a couple before shots of this cutie

Step 1- paint black lines, unevenly spaced, around the circumference of the pig (perpendicular to the ground). For simplicity, do the sides only, ignoring the face and bum. We’ll do that later.

Step 2- paint horizontal lines to make an uneven grid. There is no science, but make sure that all lines meet at a 90˚ angle. Fill in the pig’s bum to match, too- I had an easier time with this after the sides were drawn so that I had lines to connect to. Use a Mondrian painting for inspiration here. Don’t paint a perfect grid.

Mondrian Piggy bank with black grid only
How the pig looked after I painted in the grid

Step 3- expand the grid to cover a portion of the pig’s face. I opted to leave part of it blank just to avoid it getting too busy

Step 4- use red, yellow, and blue paint to fill in random spaces

Step 5- if desired, use fabric paint to make the eyes more prominent…or heck, add google eyes, carpe diem!

completed Mondrian Piggy bank
C’est fini, mon piggy
bank with assorted money
Some pigs roll in dough
view from bottom of bank
Mondrian piggy bank bein all stoic
piggy bank staring existentially into distance
“what is this life? and what is its meaning?” -pig
putting a penny in the pig
cha-ching- fill your pig with lucky pennies!

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