Make it Entertaining: Chalkboard Cheese Plate

sopressata and havarti

Chalkboard Cheese Plate

Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog, lucky readers,

is a palandromically applicable phrase for today’s post, which is not something I can often say. We’re talking diy cheese party, people, and this is the easiest possible way for you to class things up fast. So grab some chalk paint, make a quick chalkboard cheese plate, and you can bet your gorgonzola that your friends will be like “holy Oaxaca”, this girl’s gouda…or guy…guy’s gouda…inclusivity only here. you get the point.

I pulled this plate out of the trash at my restaurant, rejected for a tiny chip on the side. I’d recommend upcycling- look for a rectangular plate at a consignment store that has at least a 1″ rim- but I’ll never know the difference if you just buy one.

asiago la vista! …that made no sense…I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.


lindsey mae

Chalkboard Cheese Plate


Black Chalkboard paint
Paint Brush
Rectangular Plate
Masking Tape


Step 1- Carefully mask off the rims of the plate with masking tape
Rims of plate are carefully masked off

Step 2- Coat the rims only, let dry about 10 min, then apply a second coat. Remove the masking tape immediately, and carefully, so not to pull off sections of the paint

masked rims are coated in chalkboard paint

Step 3- sanding is optional, I did not do this because I liked the look, and intended for this to be a quick project, but follow the directions for the paint you selected

Step 4- enjoy! add in your charcuterie et fromage, and label it with a piece of chalk. Complete with mustards or jams. C’est parfait!

Chalkboard Cheese Plate complete with cheese and charcuterie

sopressata and havarti

provolone in chalk

DO NOT DISHWASH- avoid covering painted section with food. Gently hand wash unpainted ceramic portion between use. Use a dry bar towel to rub off the chalk.

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