Flash Cards! Chalky Wishes

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Flash Cards Chalky Wishes

We are rocketing πŸš€, lucky readers,

into the frenzy of birthdays and parent holidays and weddings and popsicle celebrations that is summer. Ok so I’ve never had a popsicle celebration, but this year it is going to happen…and the real point is that we are already at the end of April!

So you need to have your card arsenal prepared. And I’ve got your back.

I design the chalkboards for the restaurant I work at and when I finish a design, I always think about what a cool card it would make. Here, I’ve simplified things more than a bit, but I’ve given you a little template so that you can do your own cutie pie little chalkboards. I hope you enjoy!


lindsey mae

Flash Cards Chalky Wishes


Chalk Paint
paint brush
chalk (or a chalk pen…in which case your results will be more beautiful than mine…)
card stock
washi tape
Chalkboard Template (Optional)


Step 0 (optional)-

Trace template in pencil and cut out with scissors or paper cutter. Erase residual pencil marks.

Step 1-

line washi all along the border of the card face. This is just your masking tape, which I like because it tends not to rip the paper underneath.

Using washi to mask off card border

chalkboard template masked off
Step 1 template option

Step 2-

cover the middle section with a thin layer of chalk paint. Then pull off the washi immediately. Let dry.

Flash Cards Chalky Wishes Painting Step

ready to remove masking washi

allowing chalk paint to dry

Template card prepped for chalk design

Step 3-

treat your canvas like a mini chalk board. Write a sentiment, an important date, a word. And then use these chalkboardy links for inspiration.

Birthday Card Example

These flourish ideas

These flowers

These fonts

Flash Cards Chalky wishes alternate birthday

cards clothes pinned to twine

template card to say "hi"

birth date chalky wishes
For this border, I first went around lightly with chalk, smudged it to make it a little messy, then went around again with a straight edge

also I broke the chalk…another problem said chalk pen might avoid

template card saying "I <3 you!"

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