Gold Tinge Painted Bottles

Gold Tinge Painted Bottles pin image

Gold Tinge Painted Bottles

😱 <-- when that emoji is the first on your favorites, lucky readers,   you know you are having a crazy week. And when the days are too short and work is too long and your to do list is multiplying like a colony of drug resistant bacteria (sorry, too frenzied to keep my nerd side in check), then you need a good way to ground yourself.   For me, crafting is often that calm. But I've found I get double points when I craft things that continue to make me happy after they are completed. Apartment decorations are one of these things...I really think that decorating with diy pieces that match your style really help you create your space into a home...which is great to come back to after a crazy day.   I know there are a million painted bottle ideas on Pinterest, and this isn't particularly original, but I was happy with how these turned out, so I'm sharing. It's a pretty hands off project, so I hope you can take a breather and enjoy.   😱 -> ☺️


lindsey mae

Gold Tinge Painted Bottles

Where do I find pretty bottles?

Support Local! Search your town for:

juice shops – many specialty juicers sell their fresh juices in glass bottles
olive oil stores – olive oils and balsamic vinegars, for whatever reason, tend to get unique glass containers
grocery stores – go on a scavanger hunt! look at alcohol bottles, soda bottles, or even any foods that come in jars for pieces that will fit in with your collection

And of course, you can always buy online


Acrylic paint – 4 shades of the color of your choice and gold metallic

For the gold metallic paint I used: Craft Smart Bright Gold Metallic Paint

I used the following blues:

Martha Stewart- Pool Satin Finish
Martha Stewart-
Craft Smart- Blue Gloss Finish
Craft Smart- Navy Gloss Finish
4 tones of blue used in my gold tinge painted bottles
painter’s tape
assorted clear glass bottles
small paint brush


Step 1-

tape off horizontal sections of the bottle with painter’s tape. There is no science here, just make sure the lines are parallel and that the tape is pressed firmly against the glass.

Step 2-

paint the exposed sections with the colored acrylic paint (anything but the gold), avoid using the same color in adjacent sections, apply in a thin coat, let dry for about 10 min

Step 3-

apply second coats to each section, remove painters tape immediately after. I’ve found that if the paint dries while the tape is still on, it can rip off sections of the paint on the bottle, which is frustrating, and easily avoidable. Let paint dry thoroughly.

thin hourglass bottle with pool and tile paint
I found this bottle in an olive oil store- fun fact, some stores will let you just buy the bottles, you don’t always have to fill/use/clean them

The bottles look good like this, but I love the way the gold paint adds just a little extra interest so on to

step 4-

use paint brush to lightly apply the gold paint over the painted sections only. You do not need to repaint to do this, don’t be perfect. This gold layer should not be so thick that it masks the colored paint beneath, it should just add irridescence to the bottles.

ovular bottle with navy and pool paint

4 bottles together
I love the color blocked look- it’s so simple, which is why it fits in so well with the rest of my apartment
Gold Tinge Painted Bottles
A serious picture…
curly pipe cleaners in bottles
…and a silly picture!!!

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