Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami

And we’re back, lucky readers, from a long and lovely London vacay,

and in honor of new beginnings I’m starting a new series of fashion upgrades…Entirely unrelated to the fact that as a child of the west coast, I dress in miserably casual comparison to London-ites. Entirely unrelated.

Fashion Upgrades will be easy, fast ways to personalize clothes you already own. And to start off, we have an easy camisole adjustment.

This took me about 20 minutes…you could even squeeze it in before work!
you got this.


lindsey mae

Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami

lace cami with colorful cardigan


  • simple spaghetti strap cami – mine is from express
  • Cotton lace trim- 3″ wide and the length of the perimeter of the top of the shirt + 3 inches
  • thread to match the lace
  • sewing needle needle

I’m going to be honest and sadly say that I have no idea what the lace was that I used. it came from Joann’s…and this past hour of hunting the internet for it has been infuriating.
So here are some options, more for brainstorming than for buying…I’d say go to your favorite sewing store and find your own to match the shirt you are modifying.

this white one – less floral, more mod

black, pretty classic

this would be pretty…if not slightly more difficult to work with


Step 1 –

Starting at one of the underarms, line the lace trim along the top of the cami, so that 1/2 inch hangs over the top of the shirt

You’re going to sew the lace into the very top seam of the cami only.

sew into top seam of cami only

Step 2 –

Attach the lace along the perimeter of the shirt, then trim it once you get to the starting point so that the ends meet perfectly.

Tack along the edges of the lace to join.

Here’s the Catch: Do not just sew straight across

You want your seam to have some give so that the lace stretches with the shirt.

There are two ways to do this- you can either a) pull tight the section of the elastic that you are sewing or b) pinch the lace as you go it along to bunch it ever so slightly. I chose method b, as shown below.

how to give your seam allowance

Step 3 –

Never wear a boring cami again.


Lace Top Cami - before sewing

a super blurry pic, but the only one I have before I added the lace 😬


fashion upgrades crochet lace top lace view
simple and easy

Back View…
how the cami mod looks from the back

Fashion Upgrades Lace Top Cami

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