Flash Cards! Inner Picasso

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I know you’re wondering, lucky Reader,

What are Flash Cards?

No, they are not a pile of ineffective index cards you made for your biochemistry test.

Not here at least, I can’t speak for your desk.

The point of my “Flash Card” posts is to promote snail mail.

You send mail? You get mail.

Happy friends = happy You!

These are all cards you can make yourself.  But classier.  And faster.  And cheaper than that $8 card you bought from Paper Source with the fake sushi on it.


we’re millennials not boomers

So set aside 15 minutes and get going.




Flash Cards: Inner Picasso

Everyone has washable markers laying around.  Ergo, everyone has watercolors lying around.  Yep, you can use your markers like watercolors.  So channel your inner Picasso and assemble these items.


  • a scrap piece of cardstock
  • a small paper punch
  • Water-based markers- crayola, distress ink, etc.
  • wax paper -or- waterproof craft surface
  • small paint brush w/ water cup -or- water brush
  • white note cards
materials: water brush, markers, homemade stencil
A regular brush and a cup of water will also work. No purchase necessary, just use your old crayolas and a scrap paper



Step 1

– Make your stencil:

Punch a 2″-2″ pattern into your scrap paper

I went for a more random look, but suit your whims.

stencils made from a heart punch and a regular hole punch
Even your regular hand held hole punch will work.
Step 2

– Prepare your colors:

scribble your marker onto your wax paper or craft surface to release some pigment

apply marker pigment to craft surface
Scribble your markers onto your waterproof craft surface
Step 3

– Paint your card:

Lay your stencil on a section of your card

wet your brush lightly, then swirl it in the color you applied to your craft mat

apply your “paint” to your card, re wetting/inking your brush as necessary

paint application to card via stencil
Lay your stencil down, wet and ink your brush, start painting!

continue to move your stencil around until you have covered as much of the card’s surface as you desire

card after stencil has been used with several colors
Keep moving your stencil around. Layer colors for added dimension.

Extra Tips: How do I make it look good?

The key here is not to be too perfect.

1- Don’t re ink your brush each time you fill in a shape- this will give you some tone variation for extra appeal

2- Let your stencil ride off the page around the edges of your card- don’t worry if this means you only get half a shape, it will make your card will look more complete

3- Keep it simple.  Too much color, too many shapes- either are a recipe for turning your cute note into a child’s project.  White space is good, too.

Purple hearts covering card

alternate colors and punch shapes
Switch up your color and your punch shape for endless possibilities

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