Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings

Gold Wire-Wrapped Amethyst Post Earrings

If I ever needed an excuse to wear shiny things, lucky readers, the holidays are my ticket to glam-town, and today I have the perfect project for you to get your bling on, too! These amethyst post earrings are deceivingly easy and will be a gorgeous accessory to your holiday attire and, might I add, an enviable last-minute gift for even the trickiest of gift-lists (friends, you know who you are). Let’s get right to it, and Fa-la-la-ll in love with post earrings all over again xoπŸ€, lindsey mae PS – need more Christmas ideas for the jewelry obsessed? Why […]

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Make it Autumn Crochet Cowl

Make it Autumn Cowl in all colors

The cowl is a funny animal, lucky readers, it’s like the clothing equivalent of a borgi …where you’re like…pretty certain it’s a weird combination of pooch, but it’s just soooooooo cute and it sleeps next to you snoring lightly all night and is so heckin playful and did I mention adorable …we definitely aren’t talking about cowls anymore. but you get where I’m going with this. Not scarf, not …idk what the opposite of a scarf is…dickey? lol…but somewhere gorgeously in between. And that’s where you’ll catch me among these California Fall days, with a cowl that is warm enough […]

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Make it Creepy: Googly Eye Post Earrings

Googly eye post earrings

I’ve been a closeted Halloween hater for years, lucky readers, well…hate is a strong word…and the closet is a dark place…so if you can pick a vocab word that describes “doesn’t like macabre decor because too wimpy and sunshine-y to appreciate” then comment below and we’ll go with that. I also don’t really love costumes, which I got a life’s fill of with a 10 year stint in ballet. If I’ve lost you already…go..move on to the project…get. But if you want to hear me justify myself, please indulge me… Are you even human? you ask… yeah I know it […]

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Make it Minimalist: Enamel Dot Cards

Enamel Dot Cards "Missing Dot Sample"

It has been a bit of a hard couple days, lucky readers, because the reason I have free time to blog right now is that my job at the winery is on hold with all of these horrifying NorCal fires. It’s a scary time for businesses and residents all over Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, and beyond, and is sickening and difficult to watch the community I’ve come to know in California wrestle with the fact that their livelihoods and homes are at stake…or even compromised. I bring this up mostly to mention that I’ll do a real post on this […]

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Sticky Notes

sticky note samples

I don’t have a planner, lucky readers, which dang better be a shock to you all based on your perception of my otherwise beautifully crafty and excitingly plan-able life (psych), but this is just one craft movement I haven’t had the proper time to jump on. Which is too bad because I LOVE all of the little planner embellishments that are out these days. Gahh they’re so cute that I buy them despite and then need to find things to do with them. The latest purchase were these little sticky note flags by Recollections. Such a cute little color scheme […]

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Make it Colorful: Easy Enamel Dot Post Earrings

a collection of easy enamel dot post earrings

I jumped on the multi-ear piercing band wagon earlier this year, lucky readers, so naturally I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all of the earrings I want to make to fill the void, as it were πŸ™„ …and during my days at Impress, the amazing and wonderful destination for all rubber stamps, they had all these different Enamel Dot stickers, that to be honest, reminded me of the fake stick on earrings I used to get as a kid. So I thought it would be fun to make the look more permanent, and the result couldn’t be easier […]

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I’m Lindsey

Lindsey Mae Pic

Being 24 is a blessing and a curse – and I’m currently caught up in the blur of being excited and terrified of making my own career. I spend my Autumns working harvest in the wine industry and the rest of the year waiting tables, climbing, and traveling, so I’ve had to get pretty comfortable with inconsistency. I want this blog to help millennials in my position – for it to be a place to come to when you need a creative outlet or a little happiness boost. Together, friends, we’ll make our own luck πŸ™‚

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Arrow Crochet Bandeau Straps

Arrow Crochet Bandeau Straps and Summery Skirt

Oh hey there, lucky readers, I’m excited about this one – because of everything that I’ve done in these first couple of months of blogging, my web crochet bandeau straps have gotten the most positive feedback (Online and in person, too!). So I figured I would keep the good juju rolling for all of us with another summery idea. This pattern is one of those that is just straight up fun to assemble. Do your finger stretches because you’re going to be doing some TALL stitches. Haven’t done these before? No sweat – check out the amazing Moogly blog for […]

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Boho Bling Slouchie

modeling a mid-summer night's slouchy

those projects that take about a million times longer than you thought, lucky readers? For me, this pattern was just that – hopefully meaning that, as a result, it should be easy breezy, smooth flamingo floaty sailin for you. But it was worth it – boho bling is like my style mantra, think the perfect accessory for maxi skirts and beauty cardigans for cool summer nights. I know this pattern defies the rules – using a G hook with lace weight mohair yarn, switching from granny square to working in the round – but it’s a fun single skein project […]

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Make it Organized: Wrapping Paper Tea Tins

Tea tins, complete

Pretty paper, lucky readers, is a kind of affordable luxury for me. It’s something I can splurge on when I want to buy something…but not actually spend that much money. I was recently in a little stationary store near the restaurant where I work, filled with glorious huge books of Artist prints, stoic yet manageably sized statues, refined writing utensils, and paper weights you could look at for hours. In the corner there were a couple of wooden racks filled with metallic- laced wrapping paper – the same nice wrapping paper from my days of working at Impress. So in […]

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Make it Grow: Clay Tomato Spiral Supports

red pot, red tomatoes, red support

Clay Tomato Spiral Supports – I have a love-hate relationship with my apartment, lucky readers, because I love that I don’t have room to accumulate junk, and I also hate that I don’t have room to accumulate junk. This became a problem when my little tomato plants finally started taking off. I don’t have room to buy tomato cages! and I hate the idea of throwing such a thing away after the season is over…but my plants were actually unrooting themselves, so I had to do something. Then one day I was walking to the park and saw these adorable, […]

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Make it Bubbly: Bubble Mug

close up side view of handle

Bubble Mug – I’ve been in such a bubbly mood lately, lucky readers, it must be all this sun. So I wanted to share a happy project to spread some of that good juju. I had a bunch of clay left over after making some ergonomic crochet hooks, so this happened. I hope drinking from this mug this puts you in the mood for apres-work happy hour, ice cream sundaes, cool early morning runs…all of the happy things that summer is meant for. xoπŸ€, lindsey mae Bubble Mug Materials: Sculpey oven bake clay – 3 colors I used .25 ounces […]

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